On May 11 1953, the most destructive tornado in Texas history reached downtown Waco at 4:36p.m. It killed 114 people, injured almost 600, and damaged hundreds of homes and businesses.

Texas leads the nation in tornadoes, and more take place in May than any other month. Are you ready?

1. Trim trees of dead branches

Broken limbs can put a hole in your roof and break windows, causing more damage inside your home.

2. Know how to turn off utilities

Tornadoes can knock out electricity and cause gas and water leaks. Know how to turn off utilities outside your home to avoid greater damage.
3Avoid damage from windblown yard items

Use mulch or shredded bark in landscaping instead of gravel or rocks. Secure sheds, patio furniture, and grills, or move them indoors if you can.

4. Protect important documents

Keep copies of insurance information and your home inventory off site or where you can get to them electronically.

5. Consider strengthening at-risk areas

High winds can damage garage doors or blow them in. Wind driven objects can break windows. A contractor can tell you about reinforcing your garage door and installing storm shutters for windows and doors.

Source: Texas Department of Insurance